Question : Why do random pages on my web application hang?

This is going to be incredibly hard to explain what is happening but I will try my best.  I have a C#.NET 2.0 Web application running on a server that has about 40-45 users connected to it.  I have a MS SQL 2005 Database.  IIS 6.0 .  When a user tries to access a page (doesn't matter which page) some times it will hang from anywhere between 1 minute and 5 minutes.  Never times out, eventually goes to the page.  There is no particular page this happens on, it happens on any page from time to time.  Sometimes the page will come up in a matter of seconds too.  I have the cache in Internet Explorer set to clear every time IE starts.  

This all started to happen just out of the blue.  There wasn't any hardware or software changes.

Any ideas?

Answer : Why do random pages on my web application hang?

FYI: when you do this:

internally, jquery actually "executes":
 $('th', document);

that's why you would get all the th in the document.

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