Question : New-ADUser password issue

i am trying to do a cvs import

I keep getting an error that the password does not meet the domain password policy.  However, it does meet the requirements, and I can manually create the user accounts without any issue.

i have tried the following csv file with two different ways of doing the accountpassword

"TestFirst TestLast","TestLast","TestFirst","","TestFirst TestLast","TestFirst.TestLast","TestFirst.Test[email protected]","93687","[email protected]d","(ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText "[email protected]" -force)"
"TestFirst TestLast","TestLast","TestFirst","","TestFirst TestLast","TestFirst.TestLast","TestFirst.Test[email protected]","93687","[email protected]d","[email protected]rd"

neither of these routes worked and reported an insufficient password
next - via a gpo i completely disabled password complexity, length, and history requirments - still a no go with the same issue

here is the command i am using

Import-CSV c:\test.csv | New-ADUser -path 'OU=test,DC=local,DC=example,DC=org' -Enable $true

Answer : New-ADUser password issue

>> You mean creating one field with a big string of emails seprated by commas and then parsing that. I read somewhere this is no good nromlized solution and hard to maintain.

Not exactly, Just create a function and create the comma separated email list on the fly. And don't store the list in database which is not normalized and its not a recommended approach too.

>> What is resource intensive?

Say, if you have only 10 customers, then you can create 10 DLs now manually. But if you have around 1 million customers in your table, then will you be creating 1 million DL for each customers..
And this is what I mentioned as resource intensive as it requires lots of efforts.

>> The solution is for customer to create the alias groups. We just update the email field to that alias.

Yes, you can.
In that case, then you need to plan on how to Add/ Remove or Modify emails list in the DL.
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