Question : Change video mode on HP dc7900

Hi Experts.  I have an HP dc7900 that must be set to use the HDMI video plug instead of the VGA.  How can I change what mode the video is in when the monitor is blank?  Side note:  Yes the monitor is working as I have it on a KVM and it works with the other pc's.  Also, the pc has video as the customer who had it was using the HDMI plug.  I just can't see the *(#&@(! screen nor can I find a VGA to HDMI converter.

F10 gets me into the bios screen from what I have researched so far.

Thanks for the help!

Answer : Change video mode on HP dc7900

The white port is a dms 59 connector which uses a cable to get dual vga or dual dvi ports. In bios the video card with the DMS-59 port is most likely set to be the default card and its output is what is displaying the bios information, to change this you'll need a dms 59 cable, plug a monitor into the dms 59 cable and change the primary video adapter to the onboard port then the bios will be displayed on the vga port. Another option would be to remove the video card and the bios will default back to the integrated card as the primary video adapter.
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