Question : Restoring exchange state to a test environment

Hey guys

We have a request to retrieve some mail from over a year ago. My only thfought to do this, is restore the exhange to a test environment for each month required, and export the users mailbox to pst, so joblog-jan.pst, joblog-feb.pst for example, each month obviously requiring a new retore

Our exchange is installed on the D: drive of the prod server, as is all mailbox data.

I have created a copy of the VM and uploaded it to our esx test environment, with a test AD and a test windows XP

What i was hoping to do was use backup execs "File redirection wizard" to restre thte whole D drive to a temp location, then overwrite the D drive of our test exchange with the file, there for making exchange as of that month

Would this work?

Answer : Restoring exchange state to a test environment

delete relay bin file and try

slave stop ;
CHANGE MASTER TO master_log_file='name_of_current_file_on_master',master_log_pos=4;
slave start;
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