Question : wireless usb external hard drive

I currently have a wireless network.

I would like to have a usb external drive, plugged into a tv but accessible on the wireless network.

is this possible?

Answer : wireless usb external hard drive

Short answer - no, not in the way you'd like.

The USB drive must be controlled by some "controller" - whether it be the network SAN switch, a computer, or your TV.  Multiple read/write requests will interfere.

However, you can "switch" between the two with a peripheral USB hub such as that below.

This flips between the two, but is effectively the same as unplugging the USB drive and re-plugging it in.   So you won't be able to stream shows to your TV, and connect to the same drive on your wireless network.

Your TV however may be able to access the hard drive on your wireless/wired network if you were to connect the USB drive to a computer or network sharing device, and share it as a samba (windows) shared folder.  That would be the best solution.
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