Question : Check Name function in Outlook with Multiple Global Address List's

Hello All-

We have an MS Exchange 2007 server running on Windows Server 2008.  We have several sister companies within our organization and therefore have created multiple global address list's (GAL) on our exchange server (one for each company).  Currently when a user from Company 1 launches outlook they receive the GAL for Company 1.  We acheived this by using ADSIedit to deny open Address List on all GAL's (including the default GAL) except for their corresponding company's GAL.  So far this works great for giving each user the approriate GAL for their company.

The problem:

User1 from Company1 opens outlook and creates new email.  User1 knows that User2 (from Company2) has the same email scheme as Company1 so he starts to type "User1" in the To field, he then hits the check name button in outlook to resolve User2's nickname/alias to a full email address.  He is prompted with a pop up window telling him outlook does not recognize "user1".

I understand that Outlook is looking for user2 in Company1's GAL and since user2 is not in Company1's GAL it can't recognize user2's nickname/alias.  My question is does anyone know what permissions are needed to resolve nicknames/alias to email addresses?  Or does anyone have any other solutions?  Our goal is for any user, from any company to be able to resolve any other user's email address using the check name feature.

Let me know if you need further information or clarification.

Answer : Check Name function in Outlook with Multiple Global Address List's

I have no idea.  I looked everywhere and I can't find anything.  For 2003 or 2007.  IF it exists, then you'd want to create a GPO for both versions, import the templates and apply them to the workstations.  Both would apply but only those settings for that version would have any affect on the installation of Office.  You could probably set a WMI filter to make it more exacting, which is too hard to do.

Overall, I'd say the answer to your original question is here, http:#a33230257.  However, modifying the address lists within Outlook could be seen as a separate question by the moderators.  I'd advise to close this question and create a new one to get the right experts involved.

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