Question : Microsoft Word 2007with Windows 7

Having issues with employees pc.  working in Microsoft Office 2007 with windows 7 os.  while working in MS Office user keeps getting message that Microsoft Word has stopped working.  Has the options to check online for solutions, re-start the program, etc.

When restarted user can work sometimes for a few minutes and the message reappears constantly, or work for hours before getting the message.  Lately, seems a though message is appearing all the time.  Any help would be greatly appreciated??

Had user go into registry to the following path:


Under word all that was there was Addins and under addins was WordEEFonts.Connect

Not sure what to do after that, so the posting to this site.

Answer : Microsoft Word 2007with Windows 7

I just had the same issue yesterday. This will sound wacky, but here is what solved my issue.

We recently implemented deploying printers with group policy. In Windows 7, it is important to keep all printer drivers up-to-date for word to start successfully because when Word starts, it calls the printers.

As a test, try removing all the printers from one of the issue machines, and see if Word starts working again. If it does, you have the same issue we had!  :-)

Best of luck,

Kody Burg

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