Question : Excel 2007 auto compact possible?

I wish to form a numbered grid. No need for formulas, simply displaying numbers - 21 columns wide, 1 to 1620 at present although this number will rise.

Two questions... is there a quick way of entering the numbers in all rows rather than row by row (dragging across from left side number across to column 21 and selecting AutoFill option each time).

More importantly, when I delete a numbered cell, ALL numbers below the deleted number must take the place of the preceding number (simply compacting the grid). I know I can delete a cell and select 'shift cells left' but that leaves a blank cell in column 21 - I need them all to have moved left and up one if the left hand cell.

I hope that's explained clearly enough and thanks for taking the time to look.


Answer : Excel 2007 auto compact possible?


I've changed the macro - please try the attached file instead.

>If in the future I need to add append additional numbers to the last number in the grid, will that be possible?

Yes, you can add to the grid manually. But pleae note that as I have define the grid as .UsedRange you cannot have anything else on the worksheet.

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