Question : OWA 2003


SBS Server 2003 with latest SPs
Windows 7 with IE8 with latest SPs.

I have just set up Exchange 2003 on my SBS Server 2003.
I am able to access OWA from both the internet and from my internal LAN.
I am using IE8.
But when I try to create a new email message, I just get a red X in the area where I am supposed to put my email text.
I deleted cookies, etc., put the site in Trusted Zone, set the Trusted Zone to LOW etc., restarted IE, but to no avail.  I continually get the red X in the content area of the email when I am in the process of composing a new email.

When I use Mozilla firefox, in exactly them same condtions above, I CAN compose an email (I do not get a red X in the text area of the email.)

My buddy on the Internet is able to access OWA and create an email though!  And his is using IE8 also.

Finally I restarted the pc that has IE on it, and that didnt work either.

Answer : OWA 2003

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