Question : Cell Phones - Nokia vs. BB & iPhone

Hi Experts,

I can see how Blackberry usage has rapidly grown, however lots of people still prefer iPhone over BB.

I am one of the ones who prefer using Nokia for its user friendliness.

If the reason why people are using BB is its free chat, and iPhone is trying to compete by having compatible software, can I chat with BB and iPhone from Nokia? I bought a new E72 that has its own chat but heard as well that there is a way to chat with BB and iPhone.

How true that is? and how feasible using Nokia nowadays with the existence of BB and iPhone? Do you recommend I sell this E72 and get myself a BB or an iPhone? or do I stick with it and search for a workaround?

Thanks in advance,

Answer : Cell Phones - Nokia vs. BB & iPhone

Any reason you haven't considered Android?  I've used BB years ago.  Not impressed.  I've used non-smartphone nokia's... they were ok... if you want a PHONE only.  I got an Android phone 5 days ago... and LOVE IT.  SOOOOOO Much I can do with it... HTC Aria, but you can get any android 2.x phone and be good... and haven't had any signal problems.... unlike the "Hold Different" iPhone
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