Question : data conversion returned status value 4

I am getting error like the following..

when i go to row 1092 in the csv file, it look just like the rows before it..

any thoughts?
[Flat File Source [1]] Error: Data conversion failed. The data conversion for column "e_Emp_ID" returned status value 4 and status text "Text was truncated or one or more characters had no match in the target code page.". 
[Flat File Source [1]] Error: The "output column "e_Emp_ID" (63)" failed because truncation occurred, and the truncation row disposition on "output column "e_Emp_ID" (63)" specifies failure on truncation. A truncation error occurred on the specified object of the specified component. 
[Flat File Source [1]] Error: An error occurred while processing file "C:\Emp_RSVDatafromJune10.csv" on data row 1092.

Answer : data conversion returned status value 4

Can you show us rows 1090 to 1094?  (But don't if it contains sensitive information.)
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