Question : HDD Problems

I have a USB HDD that is acting up. Seagate Freeagent 640gb.

When plugged into the system the autorun starts and begins scanning files (but no files are listed) and then stops.

The drive lists under My Computer but does not have any information (size, free, format). One time it simply showed 'not formatted'. Clicking on the drive causes My Computer to freeze.

The drive lists under Disk Management and again displays no information about size or format. Clicking on the drive causes the window to freeze.

Drive shows up in Device Manager as having no problems. No problems with USB controllers.

All problems also happen on second computer.

Any hope?

Answer : HDD Problems

Sorry, forgot to add 1 to the dimensions:

Cells(2, 5).Resize(ubound(vardata, 1) + 1, ubound(vardata, 2) + 1).Value = varData
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