Question : windows networking

I want to see how my application's database re-try logic works on transient network errors. HOw can one create a transient (say in tenths of milli secs) glitch in the network ? Basically I am trying to recreate a real life scenario where a DB network error triggers a retry of db connect. yes this is for the (in)famous general network error in MS dbnetlib.

Answer : windows networking

I will suggest you look into WAN simulator. I used one by Actona but there are many commercial as well as free one which function similarly. I describe what I can do w/ Actona below:

Actona is a software which run on a standard Intel based server/PC/virtual machine that have 2 physical or virtual or VLAN intereface. The two interfaces connect to network together with two different IP address and routing setup accordingly. You can setup WAN parameters like bandwidth, delay and error rate.

Hope this help.
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