Question : Problem with Recycler Folder !!!


I scanned my computer 2 days ago with Avira, the scan last 10 hours and found me about 100 Virus and i thought i cleaned the computer, but I always find a folder called "Recycler" whenever i deleted, when i start my computer next time i find it in C:\. This folder has a file called desktop.ini I don't know what is the problem, is ita virus or how can I stop generating it in my hard drive every time I delete it.

Thank you

Answer : Problem with Recycler Folder !!!

MalwareBytes is designed to be run in normal mode, safe mode is not necessary.

For cleaning the system: MalwareBytes, ComboFix, HitmanPro, as well as ATF/TFC or CCleaner are good ones.
Plus other diagnostic tools to troubleshoot when problems persist.

For antivirus I use the FREE Avast, for anti-malware I'm using MalwareBytes with real-time protection.
I use Windows Firewall, and ensure that Windows and programs are fully updated.
I also use Spywareblaster which blocks activeX-based malware without wasting any resources.
I'm sure other users also have their own personal preference in AV and anti-malware.

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