Question : How to make adding a new project first?

My MS Access 2007 application requires that the user enter a new construction projext before entering any other data anywhere in the application. Once the user log into the application they can navigate to several areas in the application. I want the application to only let them enter a new construction project first then enter any other data.
See image and db.


Answer : How to make adding a new project first?

Something like that:

Private Sub Form_Load()
    If DCount("*", "NameOfYourProjectTable") = 0 Then
        Me.NameOfTheSetupButton.Enabled = False
        Me.NameOfTheLogOutButton.Enabled = False
        ' ...and so on
        Me.NameOfTheButton.Enabled = True
        Me.NameOfTheLogOutButton.Enabled = True
        ' ...and so on
    End If
End Sub
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