Question : jBoss is not picking up css changes

The problem that I'm having is that I'll make a change in ROOT.war to a ccs or javascript file and it doesn't get picked up until i stop the jBoss instance and start it back up.

To give you a bit of understanding of the situation, I'm basically teaching myself ANT and jBoss so I'm new to both of them.   I use ANT to create the ear file and deploy it to the JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy directory and to copy the css, images, and javascript to the JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy/ROOT.war directory.

I've created a target in ANT called update-web which copies just the static files to ROOT.war.  I've checked the file changes in the jBoss directory and they are there.

I'm also using jBoss jboss-5.1.0.GA.

Can someone explain this and/or tell me what I need to do so that I don't have to restart the instance every time?  

Thanks in advance

Answer : jBoss is not picking up css changes

The way you do it does not look correct to me as you deploy your own incomplete application as an .ear file and at the same time you are making changes in default web application deployed as ROOT.war. I think you can pack them in the .war in your .ear

To redeploy an .ear you just copy a new version over it, or change any file in it - this way the .ear will be rewritten and redeployed.

An exploded .war can be deployed as <directory>.war. Am not sure about .ear but it is probably done in the same way - <directory>.ear, retaining all directory structure under it.

In an exploded application it is sufficient to change ("touch") web.xml for it to be redeployed.
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