Question : Installing second 2003 exchange server


I want to add a second exchange server to our domain. The main exchange server is off-site and we are currently linked to it by T1 connection. The main exchange server holds other mail boxes of different sites. Is it possible to add a second exchange server locally that holds only mail boxes of local users? What happens in the event main exchange server goes down ,will the local exchange server take over? How is replication taken care off? Please advise

Answer : Installing second 2003 exchange server

Add a new exchange server in existing organization.

MS Article Ref: with checklists etc.

Move Mailboxes

I think the better idea is to install RPC/HTTPS on the main exchange server and have the remote users connect to Exchange using RPC/HTTPS
This will centralize a lot of things from exchange point of view. - backups / managability / centralized administration.
Backingup remote mailboxes over internet = real bad.
On top of that if you are downloading mails over VPN - there are other tweaks you need to do do regarding MTU etc.
Also you have to configure no-defrag of packets.


Hope this helps.
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