Question : Subquery count distinct rows + sum

In Table A1 I have the column MyNum(int). I would like to change this sproc so that instead of counting the distinct a1.a1Id I would like to find the sum of the column MyNum for all distinct a1.a1Id. How would I do that?

SELECT MyText, MyId,
NumCount=(SELECT COUNT(distinct a1.a1Id) FROM a1
JOIN a2 ON a1.a1Id=a2.A1Id
WHERE a2.TId=MyTable.TId)
FROM MyTable
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Answer : Subquery count distinct rows + sum

Hi johnkainn,

Try this and see if it accomplishes what you want.

SELECT MyText, MyId,
      SELECT SUM(a1.MyNum) FROM a1
      WHERE a1.a1Id IN (
            SELECT DISTINCT a1.a1Id FROM a1
            JOIN a2 ON a1.a1Id=a2.a1Id
            WHERE a2.TId=MyTable.TId
FROM MyTable
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