Question : Failing dual boot system

Hello experts.
About a year ago my pc system was running Windows Vista Ultimate, I decided to add a 2nd hard drive and install the release candidate Windows 7 Ultimate for dual booting, everything worked fine and eventually I upgraded the Windows 7 to the fully licensed version when it was released late in 2009.
Last week I decided that I no longer needed the Vista installation as I never use it thesedays, and could make better use of the storage space if I removed it.
However there was no option to format the drive that holds Vista, and the partition could not be removed either, I figured that this was because the system was configured to offer Vista as a boot option in the bcdedit store so I deleted the Vista entry using bcdedit.
That all worked fine too, the system booted directly to Windows 7 with no problem,but still i was unable to delete the Vista partition. So I removed the dirve altogether and restarted the machine, the pc would not boot as the Windows 7 drive was not recognised as a boot device, although it showed in the BIOS settings as such. I ran the "repair your computer" tool from the Windows 7 installation DVD without success.
Anyway I put the Vista drive back in the machine but now it will only boot to Vista, of course I can still see all the files on the Windows 7 drive but i cannot boot the machine to Windows 7. My knowledge of bcdedit is not sufficient for me to be able to create an entry manually that will give me the option to boot to Windows 7.
For further information the Vista OS is on a 250Gb IDE PATA drive, Windows 7 is on a 250Gb SATA.
I have a full backup of the entire system which i made immediately prior to any of these events last week, it was created with Windows backup and restore and is located on a NAS, however I have never attempted a restore in this way and don't know how to do it.
Further investigation seems to indicate that when I originally installed Win7 the Vista drive was configured as a "Master" and the Win7 drive a "Slave". Presumably this is why the system will not run without the Vista drive present.
If anyone can advise me how to return the the pc at least to it's original dual boot configuration and possibly how to remove the Vista installation properly I would be eternally grateful

Answer : Failing dual boot system

Something like this ..
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