Question : Tracking IP-to-company: is it possible?

Hi X-perts,

Is it possible to identify a company, its address and even a particular employee based on IP address?

Standard geocoding can only provide a location of the ISP for that particular IP. So, I am wondering, how someone could trace it down to a company/address/employee level.

The company called has been sending us ads regarding their product VisitorTrack ( claiming that they could trace IPs up to employees and even emails. How is that possible? is it some sort of scam or what?


Answer : Tracking IP-to-company: is it possible?

for static ips you can use the ipindex of a friend of mine - in my opinion it´s the ip index with the latest datas.

but it dont see an real possibility to track down changing ips and coming through firewalls of huge companies (that´s nearly bullshit) - they get the external ip and that´s it and mapping it is nearly impossible, if you got some dyndns host in the company you could do it - but i bet the company wouldn´t be too amused.

hope I could clear some things... anyway if you still consider testing it - I´m really excited if it will work (but I´m more than sure it will not!)
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