Question : No Microphone Support

I am running Xenserver on a Dell Poweredge 1900 using Windows Server 2003 and ChipPc thin clients.  

There is sound but no microphone detected.  I tried Sound Over RDP but that will not work because Citrix uses ICA.   Anyone have any ideas how to get the microphones working?  

Answer : No Microphone Support

Gotcha. So, on your citrix server - goto start, all programs, citrix and find a console with a name like "Advanced Management Console" or "Presentation Server Console" or maybe even "Citrix Management Console" It is different then the Access Management Console. When you launch open it, it will ask for credentials, that is how you will know you have the rigth console. Then, find the policy section and right click and create a new policy. FInd the policy for enabling microphones. After you create the policy, you need to right cilck it and apply it to all explicit users.
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