Question : How to configure a VPN on a Cisco 1811

I'm very new to Cisco routers so I'm not quite sure how to do this. Anyway here is the network setup. There office have the Internet connection coming into a switch which separates the office into two networks, Admin and financial (financial is already set up so I don't have to deal with that side of the network). This is where the Cisco router comes in it will be after the switch and will be the router/firewall for the admin network. Now the Cisco will have to have VPN enabled to allow access to another office with an identical set up (Admin from office A will have to VPN to get resources from Admin in Office B). Here things start to get complicated because there are laptops that the company owns that will need to VPN to the Admin of either office A or office B from outside of either network. If possible they would like to do this without having to install any software (like a VPN client) on any of the laptops or Admin computers. Thanks.
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Answer : How to configure a VPN on a Cisco 1811

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