Question : Connect to mdb on remote computer via Java

I'm trying to write a simple java application to connect to a mdb database that sits on a windows-based pc. My question is: How would I write the connection string so that I can do this. The database itself requires no authentication. I know the username and password of the machine that the database is on. Also, I know how to connect to this machine via Remote Desktop. The machine name that I use to connect via Remote Desktop is and the database is located under C://Program Files/Folder.
I'm not sure that it is even possible seeing that the machine is not a server per say. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Maybe the question I should ask is how could link the database to a drive on my server?

Answer : Connect to mdb on remote computer via Java

Well Access is not intended to be a client-server db but you might be able to configure a DSN that allows remote access. You should then be able to connect from Java
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