Question : js/css horizontal accordion image flicker

I'm currently using a variation of a horizontal accordion script found at and it's working very well except for some random image flickering on the first panel when any other panels slide. It happens super quick and although not detrimental to the site, it is definitely noticeable and I can't see where the problem is coming from (although I suspect it may be a conflicting background-image problem). It appears to be fine in IE but not in FF, at least in v3.6.3

Unless anyone needs it posted here, it might be quicker just to peruse the code directly from the problem page: (haccordion.js, haccordion.css, styles.css, index.php)

Can anyone spot where the flicker is coming from? Thanks!

Answer : js/css horizontal accordion image flicker

I tested it on IE6 and 7 -- no problem.  On Mozilla Seamonkey (the original) there is no problem at all.  On Safari, there is no problem.  It is a firefox-only issue.  When the first slider activates, there is noticeable pause and flicker, and coming back through the panels, when you get to the first, it slides in and out momentarily in FF 1, 2 and 3.  

To debug this further, you would have to get into the Dynamic Drive code and see if there is any firefox specific hacks, or IE specific hacks.  If so, you might adapt one section of the code to work on the other browser that gives trouble.  Other than this, it is pretty much a matter of choosing a different slider script.
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