Question : Windows 7

Previously I had problems with windows 7, 2008 Server and Interbase 7.5 having a memory error
Senad advised to (Thanks)
In BDE Administrator and change the following settings:
which we did and worked Ok, it now gives an error if you close the program and reopen it
but if you wait 10 minutes it will work again. We have a XP Workstation connected to the same server and its works fine. Is there a memory setting or area we can change to stop the windows 7 work station having this error

Answer : Windows 7

It really depends on what is in the byte array.  An HBITMAP is just a handle to a bitmap.

The bitmap can be one of 6 different formats.
 The structure of the bitmap can be found in
One of the things you have to be aware of is that the bitmaps are stored upside down.  The top line is at the bottom of the file and the bottom line is at the top.
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