Question : Remote Installation Services

I had a hard drive from a mirrored systems disk (server 2003) fail. THis was OK as I has a spare and immediately replaced it. However when it got to 56% rebuilt the second disk failed. While I was lucky enough to be able to save the c partion of ths mirror and so keep the server going, the D partition has become corrupted. On this partition are/were folders for Microsoft's Desktop Deployment Toolkit, WSUS and Remote Installation Services. I can still see these folders but am unable to acccess them and, most critically, I can no loger boot machines from the network to reimage them. When I try I get the following errors.

PXE-T01: Foile not found
PXE-E3B: TFTP error - file not found
PXE-M01: Exiting Intel Boot Agent.

My question is if I insatall RIS on another server (2008)  will that provide the files neceassry so i can again boot my workstations from the network.

Answer : Remote Installation Services

You can Install RIS onto another machine but you would need to rebuild/replace your images, you can rebuld the machine then copy the files from your existing disk to the new server as a straight copy and replace.

To continue using RIS you will have to keep using server 2003, as 2008 is only WDS now and iirc there is no compatability mode as there was with 2003R2.
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