Question : High CPU utilization due to IP SNMP

Does anyone know the syntax to send the complete message?

We are getting high cpu utilization 95% and task "ip snmp" is at 80%

Another workaround is to force the router to prematurely end the queries for the IP route table and ARP cache from the network management system server. Configure the router to respond with a complete message as soon as the router receives the start of a request for the IP route table or ARP cache. Refer to the document IP Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Causes High CPU Utilization for an example of how to do this configuration on a Cisco router.

Answer : High CPU utilization due to IP SNMP

Here is a document explaining how to do this...

However, in doing this it will take away some of the functionality of your rotuer, i.e. the router will not return queries for the ARP table or route table.
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