Question : How do I move my IMAP Outlook 2010 pst to a different drive?

This SHOULD be simple right? Move a new IMAP pst to my D drive folder with the POP3 folders instead of the default location. When I try it doesnt give me the option to select a new file location. Is it possible or am i stuck with the default position. I googled this and found options for 2007 which indicated I would get an "open folder" option. No such luck here. And no CHANGE option on the EMAIL tab that you get with a POP3 pst.

Answer : How do I move my IMAP Outlook 2010 pst to a different drive?

check out the solution here:

Steps to Move the PST

Move the IMAP personal folder (*.pst)

First, close Outlook then make sure Outlook is not listed in Task Manager, Processes tab a few minutes after you close it.

Open the profile (Control panel, Mail) and click on Data files.
Select the IMAP acct and click Open Folder to open the folder containing the PST.
Move the PST to the desired location. Do not rename the file Outlook creates a new file in the default location if you try to rename it - you can only move it.
Switch to the Data Files window and double click on the account's data file.
Now you'll get the 'can't find' error and can tell outlook where to find it.
Close the dialogs and you are ready to restart outlook.
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