Question : Windows Mapping not working

Question: I have a user who has a laptop (Dell Latitude 4300, if it's relevant) on a Novell network with a home directory on a Windows Server. Using Windows XP Pro sp 3. after logging in with Novell, a script that is to map the home drive. there are 3 people who map this way, and it is done by GP. the groups are the same, the policy is the same yet it works for 2 and not the 3rd. any suggestions what i can check? I have mapped the home directory as a local mapping but when the machine gets undocked and redocked, the mapping is gone.

Answer : Windows Mapping not working

According to this, they use port 135 and a dynamically assigned port above 1024, but that can also be manually configured.

Configuring dynamic RPC port:;en-us;154596
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