Question : Outlook 2010 Addin Development (for dummies)

I have a old Outlook 2003 Addin that uses mapiprop.dll.  The Addin allows me to select some mail and than send certain key value extracted from the messages to my anti-spam setup.  This re-trains  the ham/spam as required.

The Addin can be made to work with Outlook 2007 if registered mapiprop.dll manually.

I believe this method is known as a 'com shim' and is unlikely to work with Outlook 2010.

I'm no developer, but fancy having a tinker with making a new implementation of the addin for Outlook 2010.  I have the original source to play with.

Where do I start for making such an Addin for Outlook 2010?
Can you suggest some examples to start with?

If you're super interested, then the code is here (which is part of the Dspam Opensource Outlook Plugin)
(As an admin for Dspam any code I make would be passed back to the Opensource project);a=tree;f=contrib/OutloukAddin;h=b5df139814a491d71ebf95104f24170d33df84d8;hb=HEAD

Answer : Outlook 2010 Addin Development (for dummies)

Is your plan to support Outlook 2010 only?
If so, then you need to use VSTO, check:
General intro:
Sample code for Outlook add-in 2007 (but still the same for 2010)
VSTO blogs:

I may be able to help you in 2-3 weeks time (depending on workload).
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