Question : Webmin DNS/BIND format issues with existing zone files

I am building 3 new servers with Webmin and BIND 9.  

I have the servers configured with bind-chroot, and Webmin is all setup.

I have the existing zone files setup in a format such as:

$TTL 86400

@               IN      SOA (
        2010041401      ; serial
        21600           ; refresh every 6 hours
        3600            ; retry after 1 hour
        2592000         ; expire after 1 month
        86400   )       ; minimum TTL of 1 day

; Name Servers
                IN      NS
                IN      NS
                IN      NS

; Domain
        300     IN      A       xx.xx.xx.xx

; MX records
        300     IN      MX      10
        300     IN      MX      20

; A Records
publish         IN      A       xx.xx.xx.xx

; CNAME Records
www     300     IN      CNAME

Using Webmin, if I add a record or make a change, it places that change at the very bottom of the zone file, underneath ; TXT Records.

Can anyone tell me why it gets created as a ; TXT Record, and why it's not added underneath A Records, or CNAME Records?  I'd like to keep my zone files organized.


Answer : Webmin DNS/BIND format issues with existing zone files

Webmin don't care of how your zones are organized, ISC bind doesn't require any specific order of zone records and there is not an error to place everything at the end.

So if you are using webmin this will be so. Alternatively you may edit Webmin scripts that modify zone and add your own code that will check comments and put new records into appropriate places.

Otherwise - use manual editing.

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