Question : no video no beeps

I have a PowerEdge 1600SC that will not show any signal to the monitor. I recently added a video card a month ago and it worked fine. But I booted it up today received the "blue screen" and now it wont show any video to the monitor. Nor does it sound like its doing any of the "boot" up sounds it normally does.

I've removed the video card going back to the on board vid but still nothing. I noticed that none of the fans (system or CPU) are turning when powered out, but the fans in the power supply where. Thinking perhaps the power supply was dieing I did a voltmeter check and everything came back good.

Seeing how I was not receiving any beep codes I decided to try and force some. I removed all the memory sticks and booted up--did not receive one beep. In fact the system booted up just as it did when the sticks where installed.

So I'm thinking the MOB has gone south. Just wanted to get another opinion on this issue.



Answer : no video no beeps

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