Question : AJAX UpdatePanel

I have a page that uses an UpdatePanel.  I'm slowly getting accustomed to AJAX so I hope this will be easier than I'm making it.  I have a button that updates a gridview which is inside the update panel.  When the gridView is populated, I do a check on the record count and if it is greater than zero, I am trying to make a button (outside of the updatePanel) visible.  I'm doing this in the code behind but the button just won't play along.  I can't move it into the update panel due to design constraints.  

Hope that makes sense, thanks in advance,


Answer : AJAX UpdatePanel

U can use javascript...........I had this problem before and to my knowledge this is the best solution.
Do this in Code behind - cs file
            (GetType(),"Javascript", "javascript: ShowButton(); ",true);

DO this in your javascript - aspx file
    function ShowButton()
          var btn = document.getElementById("para1");  
             btn.enable = 'true';
           btn.disabled = 'true';
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