Question : Get to a SharePoint Site

You want to get to a SharePoint site and open it.

Answer : Get to a SharePoint Site

Getting to a SharePoint site depends on the location of that site. Most often, your system administrator gives you the location. Your company might have several sites, and the administrators should supply you with links to the sites you should be aware of.

Possible examples of such links are http://portal or http://home or http://companyname. This book uses http://sharepoint as the sample link.


SharePoint sites can have subsites, so if there is a subsite called “sample,” the path to the site would be http://sharepoint/sample.

To get to the site itself, just open the link supplied to you in an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or other browsers.

Depending on the setup of the site itself or the settings in your browser, you might or might not be prompted for a password. Because SharePoint is often configured to automatically identify you, it is very likely that you will not be prompted, and SharePoint will log you on with the username and password you used when you logged on to your computer. If you are prompted, fill in the username and password that your administrator advised you to use (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Prompt for credentials when connecting to SharePoint.

If, for some reason, you do not have permissions to the SharePoint site you are trying to open, SharePoint displays an Access Denied page, telling you that you don’t have permissions (see Figure 2.2). This page also enables you to sign in as a different user. By clicking that link, you are prompted for a username and password, which is used to log you on to the site again.

Figure 2. The Access Denied screen.

When you are logged on, the SharePoint site opens. Different SharePoint sites look different from one another, depending on the way the site manager set up the site. Figure 3 shows how such a site might look.

Figure 3. A sample SharePoint site.

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