Question : Running the System Update readiness tool.

I trying to install IIS on my Windows Server 2008. I get error code 0x80073712, the component store has been corrupted.
From my research the System Update Readiness tool can fix this problem.
So I've installed windows update KB947821 which is the Update readiness tool.
So now how do I run the tool. Does it run on install or what. I've read through all kinds of technet articles trying to figure this out. This "tool" doesn't seem to show up anywhere after running the update. If this tool does run on install than it didn't fix my problem cause I still get the same error on IIS install.
I feel like I being defeated by something really simple.

Thanks for any help.

Answer : Running the System Update readiness tool.

I solved this by ugrading the server from 2008 to 2008 R2.
After that IIS installed without error.
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