Question : Fax services SBS 2008

Have seemed to configure the fax services successfully in sbs 2008 via the windows sbs console.

My Fax Device Properties are as follows:
send faxes with this modem - yes
recieve faxes with this modem - yes

route through email - yes (i have entered a valid email address - [email protected])
store in a folder - yes

All faxes are being sent to the designated folder, which is ok.

My issue is that all the faxes aren't being routed to the email address no longer.  
When i check the fax and scan console in the incoming folder, there are errors from 11/05/2010 stating that the routing failed, but all the faxes seem to be coming into the inbox, which is also ok.

The other issue is, when i try and send a fax from an xp client machine, it is not logged in the sent items folder.

Answer : Fax services SBS 2008

issue resolved now.
slight mistake on my behalf in the smtp settings.
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