Question : Install .PFX file to personal store - Certificate Authority

Ok, first of all forgive my ignorance on the subject but this is my first time dealing with certificates.  My company purchased a certificate from Verisign to digitally sign an excel spreadsheet that is on our intranet page.  With my limited knowledge of the subject, I'm assuming the Private Key was used to sign the document and the users need the Public Key to be able to make changes.  

I have a .PFX file that, when imported manually on the client machine, allows the user to make changes to said excel file.  I want to have this installed on all machines on my domain.  The certificate needs to be installed in the "Personal" certificate store on the local machine.  I have checked out GPO options but they will only allow me to add it to the other stores, not personal directly.  I did some reading and it looks to me like the only way to accomplish this is through the use of a Certificate Authority.  Is this correct?  

I installed an Enterprise Root CA on one of my servers but I have no idea where to go with it now.  This is all like Greek to me.  If anyone can point me in the right direction as far as steps that I need to take to be able to issue the certificate to the personal store on machines I would be grateful.  I would prefer to not use the CA if at all possible because I have very limited knowledge of what it does and what changes it might make to the AD schema/network, etc.  

Thanks for the help!


Answer : Install .PFX file to personal store - Certificate Authority

refer to

it can be only done via script, and it is not secure at all.
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