Question : How to connect treeview & listview or grid through Access database

Here's my scenario: I want to have a treeview (in my case a DevExpress control since it is data bindable) that would hold a folder-like structure from an Access database table in which I am able to link to a listview or grid that shows only the underlying information within that specific folder in the database in the listview or grid.  Interfathom's TaskMerlin,, demonstrates what I seek.

So my 2 simple questions are:

1) How to display related info from the database in a listview or grid when a treeview node is clicked?

2) What should my database structure be like in order to accomplish this? Namely, would I need 2 separate tables, e.g. one for "folders" and the other for my actual data to display in the listview or grid?

PS..The numerous Windows Explorer demos floating around unfortunately do not provide me with what I need since my structure is database driven. Also, a simple code sample or mock-up would be great to get me headed in the right direction (Visual Studio 2008/ Thank you!

Answer : How to connect treeview & listview or grid through Access database

Right. I have managed to develop a sample. DevExpress TreeList is so different to normal TreeView!
You may have to first upgrade the project using DevExpress project converter and then upgrade it to VS2010.
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