Question : Exchange 2010 with DAG design question

Hi Folks,

I have a design question for Exchange 2010 with DAG.
I want to migrate from EX2003 (2-node cluster) to EX2010 (2 multi-role servers with DAG in a single site) with about 600 mailboxes.
(With EX2003, just one of the nodes service all the clients anyway.)

I believe the company is too small to warrant a 4 server deployment, so I want to see whether a 2 server installation can do the job.
Hardware resources is not an issue.

Basically, I want to know if the CA and HT roles can also provide failover functionalities (e.g. cluster or NLB). The MBox role is already taken care of in DAG.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Answer : Exchange 2010 with DAG design question

you can host HUB/CAS server on a mailbox with a DAG but you will not be able to load balance them unless you use an external hardware load balancer which causes lots of $$$$ unless you already have it
so you can use the 2 DAG servers to host HUB/CAS but ghi availability will be manually for them since you cannot use WNLB along with cluster service
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