Question : Having problems getting my VOIP setup working?

Hey Team,

I am having problems with my VOIP setup!

I am using a New Zealand provider called 2TALK, I am using a Router which is a LINKSYS 3t31p2 router, which includes two phone lines in.

Now I have everything pretty much running smoothly, EXCEPT there is a few problems, Number 1 is my main problem at the moment.

1. Every now and then when people call, it goes straight away to my VOICEMAIL, and just won't ring? But then if I try to ring out after this happened, and then try to ring again, it seems to work? It's really annoying because I get alot of people calling and it goes straight to voicemail often?? Any ideas?

2. I find that it takes a long time to ring people, up to 10 seconds before it starts making the ringing noise to call somebody?

3. I find that sometimes my phone just cuts off in the middle of a conversations.

NUMBER 1 is the most important, and really just want to get this sorted to start with.


Answer : Having problems getting my VOIP setup working?

Sorry, busy day.

Ignore it. The tests should not be executing against Root Hints servers, there's nothing at all you could do to fix errors there. Later versions of DCDiag will avoid those tests, although you have to dig into the service pack files to find it on 2003.

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