Question : APC UPS AP9606 Web/SNMP Management Interface Reset

I have an APC SMARTUPS 3000 with a Web/SNMP Network Management interface.  I need to reset the username and password.  I have tried every recommended procedure.  I installed the right serial cable and connected it to my server.  I started up HyperTerminal and configured it to communicate to COM1:.  I was able to obtain the Username prompt.  I pressed the reset button and then hit enter to get a new Username prompt.  I then tried to log in with apc/apc.  All within 30 seconds.  No deal.

I have tried to hit it twice.  I have tried hitting it ten times.  I have tried it with the cat5 cable installed and not installed.  I powered the whole thing down, pulled out the card, hit reset, installed it, brought it back up and tried again.  I held it down.  I didn't hold it down.  I held it down twice.  I stood on my head and did spins while reciting poetry and hitting the button.  Nothing works.

Help!  Thanks...Rick

Answer : APC UPS AP9606 Web/SNMP Management Interface Reset


Good morning. I hope that htis is helpful for you. I saw that you were connecting the communications cable to your server. I have done this before on various machines and usually had good success. I have also had failure in using the serial port as a communications device. In those instance I had to use a workstation or laptop to communicate with the switch/router/printserver or whatever it  was that i was trying to configure. I wonder if this is the issue with your APC controller. I believe that the port I was trying to use had a assignment from a previous software and I did not know about it.

It is evident that you are using the APC FAQ titled "Network Management Card Password Reset Procedure" and it has been not so good. Did you try the second procedure and hold the button down for 5-7 seconds and then again to cause the Status LED to go off as step 5 says? Just trying to be through.

"5.) Press the Reset button. Wait 5-7 seconds and the Status LED will flash rapidly while alternating between orange and green. Press the Reset button a second time immediately while the LED is rapidly flashing - which will cause the LED to then go off - in order to reset the User Name and Password to their defaults temporarily (the default User Name and password are both apc). "

Please advise on the above. Hope that this helps.
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