Question : can't change password through OWA 2010

I have an exchange 2010 box and if regular users try to change their password through OWA it keeps on saying it doesn't meet the security requirements. The only users this will work for are very high exchange/domain admins.

I had to run a script recently to reset the default language on the owa site because it wouldn't allow for the options section to come there something I can do here to enable the password change?

I've checked the complexity and all the passwords I've been using are's only the high level users that are able to do it.

Answer : can't change password through OWA 2010

domain admins etc dont have the same password requirements.

Standard password requirements on windows 2003+ domain

NOT a dictionary word (standrad english words)
NOT related to any part of your username or email.
At least one capital letter
At least 1 number
not too similar to the last password (google2 cannot follow google1 for example)

Could you give any examples  of passwords that may have been tried?
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