Question : google maps - satellite pics

how often are they updated?

Answer : google maps - satellite pics

Google satellite photos are updated (depending on which area you are looking at) no more than once a year. For example my area is 3 years old (because I can see my old car) and then for example central London was updated 3 months ago (Piccadilly area).

@Bawer the asker is talking about google maps / satelite photos and it doesn't matter what you have or what you pay for you get what they give you and what they have available on their servers.

From Google:
Google Maps uses the same satellite data as Google Earth. Google Earth acquires the best imagery available, most of which is approximately one to three years old.

We strive to update our data regularly. Unfortunately, we're not able to provide detailed information about when a specific area will be updated. Also, we don't offer high resolution data by order, as this information is added as it becomes available from our data providers.

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