Question : Do I have to be on domain to FTP?

I have two computers with filezilla on them. I  can FTP to the server from one of the computer but not from the other one. The only difference is that the computer which can talk to server is added to domain and the other one is not.

So, does it have to be on domain to talk to server?

I am very new to FTP so please guide.

Answer : Do I have to be on domain to FTP?

G729a is the best codec to use to get quality and minimal bandwidth usage...but it requires licenses for each channel.  $10/channel.

GSM codec is what i'm using, and it's quality is "fair"...bandwidth usage is very low...but it requires a little bit more CPU processing to transcode.  No license required.

There's also Speex, which I haven't had a lot of experience with myself...but is also low bandwidth and no license required.

Then there's iLBC, which i've never used either.

.....being that i'm using GSM with no issues, I guess I would recommend that one first.
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