Question : NTFS Permissions Not Applying on Win Vista/Win 7


I have a client that was running a laptop with Windows Vista Home. The laptop has 1 drive partitioned into C: (O/S) and D: (Data). After the machine becoming sluggish (That's Vista for you), the user decided to reinstall Vista on the C: drive.

However, as the user account in the new install had a different GUID than the previous user, the data files on D: wouldn't allow her access. I explained to the user how to take ownership of the entire D: drive (user is member of local admin group), applying the change to subcontainers & objects, and then change the serurity permissions, remobing the now unrecognised user account from the previous install, and giving her new user account full control over the files, and then to apply those settings, again, to subcontainers & objects. However, after doing this, and Windows seemling to apply the changes to every file on the drive, the user still dies not have access to those files.
The user then did something to cause Vista to blue screen, so she decided to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium.

I purchased this for her, and installed it, as a clean install on the C: drive. After finishing the install, we again opened the security on the D: drive, went to 'Owner' tab, and changed the ownership to the new user (who is again a member of the local admin group), set apply to subcontainers & objects. After the changes were applied, we then went to the security tab, and gave the new local user full control of the entire D: drive, and applied to subcontainers & objects. However, while applying these settings, Windows gives an error saying 'access denied - d:\directory1\subfolder1\file1.doc' if you click continue, it'll go through every file on the drive, saying access denied.

I've tried using the cacls.exe command line, using "cacls.exe d: /t /g username:F" (give username full control of d: and sub directories). This just causes every file to be listed as 'Access Denied - d:\directory1\subfolder1\file1.doc' in the command prompt.

When you check the security on the individule files listed, they show the owner still as <unknown account>, if you then change the owner to the new local user, you can set the security permissions. However, doing this for every file on the drive is going to take forever! I don't understand why taking ownership, and applying to all subcontainers & objects, isn't working!

Any help or suggestions would be welcome!


Answer : NTFS Permissions Not Applying on Win Vista/Win 7

Here's your problem >> 
its due to the fact that exchange was rolled out a few weeks before the new BE server was built and the exchange server ran out of storage space and some of the log's were deleted to make space.

>>> Your exchange is not mounting because you deleted log files.
Your backup is not running because your exchange is not mounted.

Please ** DO NOT ** remove the log files.
If you do - your exchange will not mount anymore.

Log files are cleared when an Exchange-aware backup solution, commits those transaction logs and then flushes it.

At this point - the options for you is Hard-repair of exchange.

a) Backup al 3 Dirty shutdown edb's.

b) Check shutdown status of your .EDB
eseutil /mh "Full Path to your EDB"

c) eseutil /p "Full Path to your EDB"
/p is hard-repair

d) eseutil /d "Full Path to your EDB"
to defrag

e) isinteg -s servername -fix -test alltests

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