Question : Two ISPs on the same network


We have a T1(1.5Mb) line for Internet connection and would like to bring another 3Mb line from a different ISP. Is this possible? I'm thinking of forwarding the traffic from a specific subnet to go on the internet through one pipe and another subnet to the second pipe. A problem would be, I assume, with the firewall since it has only one WAN port, I will need a second firewall. There will be separate routers. Each ISP has its own.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Answer : Two ISPs on the same network

It looks like the function you ar calling is taking a temperature, converting it and then passing it back i the same argument. This would indicate that the first argument is actually a pointer to a double instead of a double value. Try to modify your DLLImport statement to be as follows (note the added ref before the double):

        private static extern int OP930_GetTemperature(ref double tempC, int units);

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