Question : How do I enable audio mapping over RDP on Windows 7?

I am connecting an XP Pro box to a Windows 7 Pro over Remote Desktop.

On the client side (XP) I have selected the "Bring Audio to this computer" option. I am able to play music via Winamp over the RDP connection, so I know that the audio chain is working.

What I want to is enable system sounds from the host (Windows 7) machine so that they come through to my client (XP) machine.

I googled and found this: The problem is that there doesn't seem to be a tscc.msc (terminal services console) on windows 7. When I try to run it on the W7 box, it isn't finding anything. I know PC/Networking pretty well, but I'm new to Windows 7.

Can anyone help me get the audio from my host (W7) to my client (XP)?

Answer : How do I enable audio mapping over RDP on Windows 7?


I rebooted and re-connected to the host. This resolved the issue.

So the answer appears to be: use the "Group Policy Editor" to Navigate to: Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Remote Desktop Services -> Remote Desktop Session Host -> Device and Resource Redirect

There is a setting found here for "All audio and video playback redirect". Choosing "Enabled", applying, then reboot and reconnect.

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