Question : Ajax or flash..For online Jewellery designer ?

Hi Experts,

Please help and suggest me developement options for Charm Jewellery designer like:


Please do suggest if any ready-made solution is also available for the same.

I want to avoid flash /3d etc prefer to know if possible in AJAX ...and if not how to
proceed in flash etc (suggest resources! )


Answer : Ajax or flash..For online Jewellery designer ?

This gives you a relative scale of performance.,Marque_fbrandx14,1394.html

i7 > i5 (high-end) > core 2 quad extreme > i5 (low-end) > core 2 quad > i3 ([very] high-end) > core 2 duo > i3

Notice in the chart, the i3 is clocked at 2.93 GHz (high end) just to feature above some Core 2 Duos.  The core i3s that you normally see are 2.1-2.5 GHz.
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