Question : Emc Networker mminfo command


I need some examples about use mminfo command in the command line.


Answer : Emc Networker mminfo command

the examples are in the guide. there are lot of options as it is basicall a query ona database which is containing many atributes to display so really hard to tell what somebody will use in production.
if you are into gui you can do it in Media\Save sets or do some reports using the native console reporting features if you are on >=7.4.X

example i use if somebody asks me if a client has been backed up last night

mminfo -c client_name -t yesterday -o tnc

or list all backups performed in last 7 days

mminfo -t "7 days ago"

the same can be acomplished like this

minfo -s backup_server_name -t "7 days ago" -q "valid,!incomplete" -r client,name,ssid,ssflags,sscreate,level,totalsize -o cnt

you can put a separator- ; to the output so you can easily import it to excel

minfo -s server -xc; -t "7 ago" -q "valid,!incomplete" -r client,name,ssid,ssflags,sscreate,level,totalsize -o cnt >file.csv
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