Question : Crystal Report 2008 Query - OR Multiple Parameter

Hi All,
I have a crystal report but am wanting to run multiple OR parameter queries when the report runs.

I have created multiple parameter fields as follows:

Stockcodes (multiple values need to be accepted) not lookup
PO Number
RNA Number
Transaction Types

The problem is that everytime i run it it wont allow the search to continue until all of the search.

All of the above are strings (or i have converted to strings) as i understand from previous posts that they have to be the same type.

I have created parameter queries before but never a multiple OR type.

I would also like to do a date search on the same report but i understand you are unable to do this.
Therefore i will just create a copy report with just a date search unless anyone can suggest anything beter ?

Answer : Crystal Report 2008 Query - OR Multiple Parameter

If you want to ignore a parameter you have to set it as optional then test for its presence.

How are you using the parameters?
What code do you have?

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